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Food Manufacturing Equipment Cleaning

Equipment that is already installed and in use can be cleaned using dry ice blasting in the food manufacturing sector without having to disassemble and remove it from a production line. Grease, oil, and baking materials can all be eliminated without contaminating the environment. It is safe to use dry ice blasting close to electrical panels and it won’t short-circuit switches or motors. In facilities that the AIB has inspected, dry ice cleaning has been employed successfully. Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana are currently served by our staff.

Dry ice blasting has advantages that include:

The fact that food-grade CO2 won’t contaminate your food or equipment is the main advantage of dry ice blasting. You won’t need to buy a new machine or throw your food away. You can proceed safely with your food production process once our dry ice blasting procedure is finished. Also approved by the FDA, EPA, and USDA are our techniques. You and we both know that our food-grade CO2 won’t harm your equipment or your food because of this. Our techniques are non-abrasive, so even molds that you create won’t be harmed. On hot, cold, plastic, and even metal surfaces, our dry ice blasting is successful. We don’t need to disassemble any of your food production machinery to clean it using this technique.

dry ice blasting Food Manufacturing equipmentKey Advantages

• Process without chemicals

• Improved workplace safety

• Concerned with the environment

• USDA, EPA, and FDA certification

• No Pollution

• Zero second-hand garbage

• Is non-abrasive and won’t harm the substrate

• Decreased labor costs and cleaning time

• Less encapsulation is required.

• Complete cleaning in confined spaces


• Tar and adhesive removal

• Damage from fire, smoke, and water

• Elimination of lead paint

• Removal of mold

• Elimination of corrosive pollutants

• Counteracting the aging effect

Another application for dry ice blasting:

• Remains from Baked-On Food

• Conveyors

• Dryers

• Electric Drives

• Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

• Equipment & Rooms for Food Storage

• Freezers

• Remains of Glue Heads

• Mixing apparatus

• Packaging Supplies

• Uncooked Residues

• Ventilation Tools

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